Top 4 Foods at Summer Street Festivals: Bastille Days Milwaukee

Bastille Day, also known as the National French Holiday, is celebrated on July 14th, commemorates the turning point in the French Revolution on July 14, 1789 Storming of the Bastille. In Milwaukee, WI it is celebrated as "Bastille Days," a four day street festival centered around Cathedral Square Park in Downtown Milwaukee.

The event is known for their street performers, Milwaukee School of Engineering Eifel tower homage, and features some of the best Milwaukee restaurants. Eighteen different vendors are participating in this year's festival with prices ranging from $3-$12.

Best dish for weight loss

Highest in fiber and lowest in calorie for the volume

Le Reve Patisserie & Café- Yellow Tomato Gazpacho

Typically I advise to eat your food and not drink it because the chewing action slows down your meal time and allows for the brain to stomach "I'm full" connection happen sooner, but this dish really is the lowest calorie for what it is. With its beautiful color, you'll be eating it with your eyes too!

Rumpus Room- Poutine

Best dish for weight gain

Highest in calories and protein

Rumpus Room- Poutine

Poutine is a Canadian dish that has migrated its way to Milwaukee and earned the heart of many, including my dinner date. Imagine French fries, covered in gravy, covered in cheese curds, covered in extra toppings. YEAH! Definitely the ideal high fat meal with some protein to help you gain weight.

Bartolotta's Lake Park Bistro Beet Salad

Best dish for overall health

The most nutrient dense and not calorie-dense food.

Bartolotta's Lake Park Bistro- Beet Salad

Includes roasted pickled beets, goat cheese, arugula, champagne vinaigrette dressing

Roasted pickled beets are underutilized in dishes in my opinion. They're colorful, flavorful, and full of vitamins and minerals. The color in beets signals that it is high in antioxidants, which have cancer-fighting properties. They're high in fiber which on top of helping to maintain a healthy body weight will help with keeping the bowel movements regular (happy poops!). One key vitamin they contain is folate, which is especially important for women who may become pregnant in preventing birth defects, and otherwise to assist with decreasing levels of homocysteine. High homocysteine levels are associated with more inflammation and heart disease.

Andrea's Favorite

Because it's almost healthy and tastes great!

Louise's Asparagus Risotto with Lobster & Shrimp

I choose this meal as my favorite because of the luxurious combination of creamy risotto, bright and crisp green asparagus, and sweet lobster and shrimp. This meal elegantly creates a MyPlate friendly meal, which includes protein (lobster and shrimp), produce (asparagus), and some starch (risotto). Sure, this one might be a tad of a splurge from the cream sauce. To keep it real, you don't make heavy cream sauces and eat risotto every day, do you?

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