Dehydration: The Seven Signs

We are made up of about 50-70% water and the more muscle you have, the more water you are made up of. It's a good thing. But what happens when we lose even as much as 2% of our internal water supply isn't. It's called dehydration and this is what can happen.

1. Mental confusion

Even the slightest bit of brain fog could be related to not having enough water to drink. Your brain is made up of approximately 75% water, so it's going to feel the dehydration first. Keeping the water there keeps it working well.

2. Decreased motor control

When you're dehydrated, it makes it difficult for your muscles, which contain more water than fat, to contract and extend. Basically, you'll have issues moving as precisely as you did before.

3. Brain fog

Dehydration is associated with impaired memory. Not being well hydrated could lead to issues with short and long term memory. In meetings and other things that require your attention, I recommend having a glass of water nearby so that you'll be able to make good mental notes and form accurate memories.

4. Scatter brain

Dehydration can also lead to a decreased attention span. Yet another good reason to bring some water with you whenever you're learning and need to pay attention. I like to add a sprig of mint into my water to add an extra boost of headache preventing, backache relaxing, calming essential oils, plus it keeps bad breath away- awesome!

5. Hot and bothered

If you're dehydrated, your body doesn't have enough water to keep your temperature even. This is especially important when you're exercising or the day is hotter than usual.

6. Increased risk for UTI's

Urinary tract infections? No, thank you. Keep them at bay by staying hydrated, While their main cause is due to bacteria in the urinary tract, they are made more likely when you don't have enough water to flush the toxins out of that system. They build up and cause those painful infections.

7. Fatigue

Feeling suddenly sleepy around 3 o'clock in the afternoon? It might be because you haven't had enough to drink. Pour yourself a glass of water, chug, and return to your normal, happy, awake self.

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