The road to weight loss can be a party and the destination is worth celebrating.

Being healthy and having fun are not supposed to be mutually exclusive.  In fact, we believe that being healthy allows you to have even more fun in life. 


A typical weight loss diet focuses on all that you can't have.  The Party RD focuses on the abundant nutrition choices that you can have.  Finding moderation in food, fun, career, friends & family allow this unique plan to be something you can find success in for life.    



Nobody wants their weight holding them back from living life to the fullest. 


Maybe you feel like your weight is keeping you from travelling, adventure sports, job promotions, dating, or family life. Or maybe you feel like you're missing out on your youthful years because of your weight.

You deserve better!   

I know it's hard.  You feel like you've got things under control in most every other aspect of life but you feel like a loss at managing your own weight.  It's a rough place to be… and I get it.

 I'm here to help you  gain control of your nutritional health without sacrificing what you love most in your life. 

I can help you lose weight so you can regain that "life of the party" feeling and improve your energy, confidence, and longevity.  You and I both know that weight loss is a process.  Making sustainable changes and keeping those changes take time. Let's work together!

I offer virtual nutrition coaching programs

led by yours truly, a registered dietitian,

to help you lose weight

without losing your social life. 

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About The Party RD

Andrea von Helms, MS, RD, CD is a clinical dietitian based in Milwaukee, WI and helped hundreds of people lose weight since August 2015.  

Along the way, Andrea learned that being healthy is more than being in a good nutritional status; it's about enjoying a healthy lifestyle so life can be lived to the fullest!

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