About Us

Our Mission

Increasing everyone's quality of life through science-based medical nutrition therapy focused on balancing a healthy lifestyle with an even healthier social life.


Our Vision

It is our vision to show the world that the road to a healthy lifestyle can be a party and the destination is worth celebrating.

The Party RD, also known as the registered dietitian Andrea von Helms, MS, RD,CD (that 's me!), helps her following and clients accomplish a healthier lifestyle while balancing their healthy social lives.  She does this via online article posts, online classes and webinars, and one-on-one medical nutrition therapy, nutrition education, and nutrition counseling all in a secure virtual setting using the free Healthie app.  The Party RD is based in Milwaukee, WI but can meet with you in most states.  Ask to see if your state is one of them!  



Andrea has worked in weight management since 2015 and is recognized as a weight loss expert in southeastern Wisconsin.  Her education and training highlight her deep passion for weight management. 

Andrea has an educated foundation with Bachelors of Science in Dietetics at Dominican University (River Forest, IL) Dietetic Internship at Mount Mary University (Milwaukee, WI), and Masters of Science with a Concentration in Nutrition Counseling at Mount Mary University (Milwaukee, WI).   After beginning her dietitian career in 2015, she earned a Certificate in Training in Adult Weight Management (2016) and continues to stay on top of the most current research for weight management. 

Andrea is a proud member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the Wisconsin Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and the Weight Management Dietetic Practice Group-- staying on top of the latest nutrition research is a big interest of hers

My story

I moved to Milwaukee in 2014 for a dietetic internship through Mount Mary University.  Growing up in a German-American household, I knew Milwaukee's "Gemütlichkeit" culture would be a good fit for me.  I discovered how much the party culture-- which is particularly heavy on local brews, Wisconsin cheese, Brandy Old Fashion's, and Bloody Mary's-- permeates our social lives and our food choices-- and not just for the Germans.  Between balancing studying, building a new career, and forming lifelong friendships, I realized that balancing a party life-- the one where you're constantly on the go, doing something fun, being out of the house, travelling around, or being surrounded by friends and family-- with a healthy lifestyle is rarely talked about.  There is a way to balance a healthy social life and live a healthy lifestyle too.  If I can pull it off, you can do it too. Let me, the PartyRD, teach you how.

When I'm not working at the PartyRD, you can find me living my best life with dancing, visiting local restaurants, sampling new local brews, crafting, bike riding,  backpacking,  playing board games,  cooking new recipes with my husband and hosting a party or two (COVID physically distanced, of course!).    

Kristine Casart Photography - Andrea 09.